CabiBUS, the vehicle

CabiBUS, the vehicle

CabiBUS vehicle specifications (preliminary)


6 cabins, each with room for one passenger and hand luggage.

Optional design with exchangable cabins, examples: Cabins can be replaced for service or cleaning. One or more passenger cabins can be replaced with dedicated goods transportation cabins when required.


1 cabin that can be booked for a wheelchair passenger, baby stroller or large baggage.


Driveline: Fully electric, 4wheel drive.


Autonomous SAE level 4.5 (our own suggestion for a vehicle with no internal controls but with functions for remote control from fleet operation central when requiered.)


Top speed: 110 km/h


Battery range: 400 - 500 km


Ventilation: Separate with selectable temperature for each cabin.


Safety: Airbags all around in each cabin for highest possible protection.


Communication: Video conferencing with other cabins and over Internet to other places


Information: Large touch screen in front of each passenger with several selectable windows. Front view camera, navigation map, estimated time to goal, video conference, tourist information, TV, Internet,

The images below only shows a principal 3D design. Vehicle designers are welcome with suggestions


WAYMO Self-driving technology

northvolt Batteries


bestmile Fleet automation platform

XOIO Concept 3d-visualisation


TESLA Drivetrain and charging robots.

NEVS Vehicle development and production (in Trollhättan:)

Phantom Auto Teleoperation solution

ClearMotion Proactive suspension technology


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CabiBUS with one passenger compartment (cabin) for each passenger is a truly innovative vehicle. It is the prerequisite for a public transportation solution that provides unique advantages against existing systems.