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Waymo ZEEKR M-Vision on show in Oslo

9 February 2024, on eCarExpo in Oslo, the first purpose built Robotaxi was presented for the first time in Europe. Developed by CEVT in Göteborg, Sweden for ZEEKR in China, 10 000 has been ordered by Waymo.

Detailed presentation of the ZEEKR Robotaxi.

Presentation:Da ser vi robotaxis og andre autonome kjøretøy på veiene våre! – Hvordan skal det skje, og hvorfor er det viktig?

Most impressive plans for public transit with Shared Autonomous Vehicles: Oslo        Another presentation here

At CabiBUS, we understand the growing need for efficient and sustainable public transportation solutions. Our electric shared autonomous vehicle (SAV) with individual cabins offers a unique blend of convenience and privacy. As public transport organizations strive to replace private vehicles with environmentally-friendly alternatives, our ambitious plans align perfectly with the goal of reducing congestion and emissions. With CabiBUS, passengers can enjoy a comfortable and personalized journey, ensuring a seamless transition towards a more sustainable future.